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After the Storm

So it’s been 3 years since I’ve had time to write much. I was cured of Hep C in October of 2014 and its been a wild ride since then. As a by product of the Hep C, I lost a lot of time and work ops so its been a mighty push to regroup and get right-side up. In the meanwhile I lost my partner and so I’ve totally updated the studio, losing some and gaining others.. I need to take new pictures. I am very happy with the all the new gear and the great sound I am getting!

I put out my very first CD in 2016, Called Prodigal Daughter. You can hear it on I fairly proud of it considering the challenges of so many things at once. I am slowly getting ready to help other musicians again here at Riversounds!

If you want to check back soon and I will have a new list and photos of the space!

Peace thru music,


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